Business Model

The Business Model Lab is set up to create insight in the complex environment surrounding businesses. With experiments and knowledge we empower you to get more out of your business.



Business models. A lot is written and said about it. But what does it really mean? And, what can it do for you? Learning about your business model will help you in your daily business. We aim to help you learn with use of the latest news, great explanations, and the best video’s. And, we experiment to discover how business models really work. See our latest experiments?
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All around the World Wide Web you can find tools that help you to design, test or implement your business model. What can you actually do with these tools? How do they support the innovation of your business? We provide explanations for the best use of some selected tools. And, you have access some of our own tools, which we use frequently in our projects.
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The results of our projects concerning business model innovation have not been forgotten. White papers, books, e-books and deliverables are often written to capture these results. We have made some of these publications available so that you can learn from our experiences and researches.
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