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The Business Model Lab is set up to create insight in the complex environment surrounding businesses. By practical experiments and theoretical knowledge we empower you to get more out of your business.


Business models. A lot is written and said about it. You might have an understanding of what it is. But what does it really mean? How does it work? And, what can it do for you? We experiment to discover how business models really work. See our ongoing experiments? Click here.


Post-its, a canvas and some markers are sometimes all you need to create your business model. However, if you are looking for online, interactive and connected tools around business models, this is the place to be. From strategy to operational. Discover our tools? Click here.


Learning about business models, and more specifically your business model, will help you in your daily business. We aim to help you learn with use of the latest news, great explanations, our own business model, and the best video’s. Learn everything there is to know about business models? Click here.